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T cells are a critical component of your immunity to COVID-19. Monitor both your T cells and antibodies at-home using the Immuno-T test, with less than half a millilitre of blood.
The Immuno-T test was developed by specialists in T cell immunology. The test uses tiny fragments of the SARS-CoV-2 virus to see if your blood contains T cells that protect against COVID-19.

We now offer combined antibody testing from the same blood sample.

Monitor infection or vaccination

Measures antibodies and T cells

Easily collect and ship your blood sample

What is Immuno-T?

The COVID-19 Immuno-T™ test is a blood test for monitoring your immune response after COVID-19 infection or vaccination. It measures T cells and antibodies, which are critical components of your immune system.
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The science behind the test

If your blood contains T cells that recognise the virus then those T cells respond by releasing a molecule called IFN-ɣ. The amount of IFN-ɣ released correlates to how well protected you are from future infection.
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Simple Process

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Developed by specialists

The Immuno-T test was developed by the experts in T cell immunology. The team at ImmunoServ have specialised in T cell immunology research and development for decades.
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"I could not have asked for better customer service with a friendly, knowledgeable team not only available and willing to spend time answering questions but actually interested in doing so. Fantastic research work and a brilliant starting point for trying to work out your own body's current response level"
"Thank you for helping the immunocompromised investigate their immunity to Covid. The uplift in outlook to life that it gave me was immeasurable!"
"The test was easy to do, and results were clear with useful reference ranges for low average and high result. I am immunosuppressed so wanted to know more about my response to covid vaccine I have previously done a number of antibody tests . I found the information clear and useful"
"I received excellent service from the team"

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