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How to use the At Home Blood Collection Kit

Step 1
Open the green top blood collection tube and place into the circular hole in the carboard box which is for holding the tube.
Step 2
Ensure your hand is warm; this will aid blood flow. Hang the selected hand by your side and pump your fist to improve blood flow to the area. If necessary, place your hand under warm running water.
Step 3
Wipe selected finger with the alcohol swab provided. 
Step 4
Hold the lancet, rotate and remove the protective cover.
Step 5
Keeping the selected hand palm-side up on the table, press the lancet firmly against the side of finger until a click is heard. We recommend trying your ring or middle finger first.
Step 6
Hold arm downwards and gently massage from the base of the finger towards the wound to produce as large a drop of blood as possible and then scrape the drop into the collection tube. 
Step 7
Repeat until blood fill quantity is within the specified range as shown by the ‘400’ and ‘600’ fill lines on the side of the tube. 
Step 8
If blood flow stops, do not attempt to squeeze your finger or put any clotted blood in the tube. Instead, place the lid on the blood collection tube and invert gently 10 times. Re-open the tube and use a new lancet to draw blood from another finger (following steps 2-7).
Step 9
Once the tube is filled between the indicated lines, apply pressure to the puncture site using the wound cleansing wipe and apply a plaster if required.
Step 10
Place lid on the collection tube.
Step 11
When secure, invert the tube gently 10 times. Do not shake the tube.

Simple process

Step 1
Order your test online
Step 2
Get your test delivered within 1 week
Step 3
Post items back in the envelope provided
Step 4
We’ll email you with your results within 2 weeks

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