What is Immuno-T?

The COVID-19 Immuno-T™ test is a blood test for monitoring your immune response after COVID-19 infection or vaccination. It measures T cells, which are critical components of your immune system.

Once you have bought a test kit, a UKCA-IVD marked At Home Blood Collection Kit will be sent to you.

Simple process

Step 1
Order your test online
Step 2
Get your test delivered within 1 week
Step 3
Post items back in the envelope provided
Step 4
We’ll email you with your results within 2 weeks

Less than half a millilitre of blood

The kit contains all items required for collection and shipment of a capillary blood sample from the finger. It is designed to enable individuals to easily collect.

Read more about the test, who developed it and where else this test is being used here.

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COVID-19 finger prick test that you can do at home, send back to our BSI Certified lab and get your guaranteed results with confidence.
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